LOVE Trees

These came out adorable!

What you’ll need
Paint: Brown, Pink, Red
At least 2 paper towel or toilet paper rolls
{if you have multiple kids painting at once you will need more}
Plain Paper or card stock
Wash cloth
Paint brush

What you’ll do
For this part one on one is best, unless you’re dealing with older tots that can paint their own arm. Have the wet wash cloth handy, sit child comfortably so you can paint arm and hand. Place and print the painted arm on card stock paper. Wash the child’s arm.

Once the arm/hand print has dried, set the children up with red and pink paint with their paper roll heart stamps {learn how to make those here}
Let them stamp away!

I’m loving the LOVE Trees! ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine Heart Stamps

I found this idea on Pinterest! SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Heart Stamps

It was a cool art project because all the kids could participate even the one year old!


 I took 2 paper towel rolls I had been stashing for future projects and cut them in half. 

Then I creased the circle and created a heart shape with the roll. Using tape, I taped the roll so that the heart shape would stay while the kids used them.

I gave each child a small plate with some red paint. 

I showed them first how to dip and stamp and then let them go crazy! It was so fun to watch how fast they got the hang of it. The girls of course did it neat and clean and the boys stamped and stamped all over wherever!! 

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Valentine’s Gift for Parents

We started off the week before working on our Valentines for the parents. I found a super cute idea on pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it out with the kids.

I painted each of their hands red and placed their hands/fingers down on pink paper. I did each hand separately creating a heart shape between the two hands. 


I cut out a small red heart and had the kids glue it in the center of the page. It came out soo cute. Later I typed and printed the words,

“Children hold our hearts in the palm of their hands.”


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