Programs & Tuition

CoCo’s Playhouse is NOT your typical home daycare.

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I provide a unique combination of preschool and home life. We run our day on a schedule with loads of time for individual attention & creativity. I pair this with a structured setting and a variety of activities and themes to keep the children engaged and learning! We stay busy and have fun! For more information on Our Day.

I provide the children with plenty of time outside while staying safe and fairly cool! It is SW Florida after all!!

I prepare very healthy and nutritious meals and snacks {included in tuition} for some examples and more info on our food choices check out Our Menu.

I cover all foods & drinks as well as crafts, toys and most supplies.
I ask families to supply diapers, wipes and formula. I also ask to have a change of clothes here.

We are open Monday through Friday
7am to 5pm.


3 Day Program

18 months and under
$40/day ($120/wk)

18 months to 2 years old
$35/day ($105 wk)

3 & 4 years old {potty trained}
$30/day ($90/wk)

5 Day Program

18 months & under
$40/day ($200/wk)

18 months to 2 years old
$35/day ($175/wk)

3 & 4 years old
$30/day ($150/wk)

* 10% off if paid upfront monthly * Multiple child discount available*

Drop-In Program

My drop in rate is $40/ day.
{$45/day under 1}

Package 1
$320 for 8 drop offs

Package 2
$400 for 10 drop offs

Package 3
$480 for 12 drop offs

Drop In Packages MUST be paid upfront on first of the month.

Child can come during the following days & times until amount of package drop-offs are used in month. {NO rollovers}

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday & Thursday

I collect a $50 supply fee at registration and is due again each year on your child’s start day anniversary.This covers supplies that I need to cover throughout the year that I do not ask families for.

*These are quotes based on months with 4 weeks (other months will vary)*
*Rates & Packages subject to change*

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