CoCo’s Potty Readiness

When do I potty train my child?

This is a question I think most moms and dads ask themselves.

I find that everybody always obsesses over the age of the child. Especially when they refer to their child’s age in number of months still. This perhaps may be too early. ūüėČ

I look at potty training as a frame of mind and a readiness skill. There are certain skilled components that are required in order for the child to be successful in potty training.

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When the child is truly ready it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks *most cases within a week*.

If the child is resistant and having issues, or perhaps not hitting all the components, it is vital that you wait and try again another time. Potty training, like a lot of things your children will learn are fueled by confidence.

It’s so important they feel successful and happy in the process. Trying when they are not ready can cause delays in training and frustrate your child, and you.

Would you rather be done in a week when they are ready or have it take MONTHS just because your child is 23.5 months old!?

Work Smarter, Not Harder.


1. Staying dry throughout the night.
This one is huge to me. This is the one that keeps the parents buying diapers or *GASP* pull-ups for far too long into potty training in order to spare the sheets, spare the mess & spare the bed!! If your child can go 8+ hours at night chances are they are close and may be ready! If they have such a wet pull up or diaper that it immediately needs changing or leaks, chances are they are not,¬†and that’s ok.

2. Staying dry for 5 or more hours during the day.
Staying dry means they can hold it when they need to go. Once this is mastered, training will be easier. If they urinate frequently still and diapers are often wet they may not have the bladder control needed yet. Believe me, your sanity will thank you later. If you notice most every morning your child is dry til nap, this is a great sign. Try letting them go before they lay down. Staying dry for long periods of time is key! If they can’t hold it *most of the time*, they can’t train, yet.

3. No BM at night.
This is 3rd on my list but might be the one you notice first. As your child’s diet and stomach matures they don’t go nearly as much as when they were babies. If your child frequently has dirty diapers during naps and at bedtime you may want to wait for this very messy and smelly skill to be mastered first.

4. Has a word or sign for potty, can communicate to you they need to go.
I’m not going to lie, my son was potty trained before we took his binky away. (Post for another day) but his verbal and commutation skills were amazing. He was able to clearly let me know at home and in public when he needed to go. This is vital, especially if your child once trained will be with another caregiver or daycare. ¬†If your child can’t tell you, they are not ready. Of course we all need to remind them at times. But to not be able to tell you at all, this skill should be developed before training.

5. Can undress & dress themselves.
I mean really, guys?!
Isn’t the point of getting rid of diapers to actually STOP having to do all the work? Practice these things with you child so when the other components are ready this part will be the breeze.¬†Dress them for success! Easy off and easy on. Make it as painless as possible. No belts or fancy buttons. Not unless these are articles your child is good with. Once you’re training *if you can* I recommend going naked or as close to naked as possible. I’ll explain more on that and more of my training tips in my next potty post.

6. Dislikes being wet & dirty.
This one may be the least important in my humble opinion. My oldest would be dirty or wet all day. He couldn’t care less, and he was a very easy child to train. This was because his verbal and understanding were beyond his age so I was able to use motivation for him! (Which leads me to #7) BUT if your child is telling you they are wet or dirty and don’t like it… This is a very good but not the only sign!!!

7. Can be motivated.
aka¬†BRIBERY. What’s your child’s currency? I like to describe it as children’s currency. We all know every child is different so every child has something different that makes them tick and makes them more motivated to do something. Are they an instant gratification junkie like my son? Mini M&M’s as rewards are best for him! He doesn’t care for a sticker or a chart, however many kids are amazing at working towards a goal with a chart. Some children will take the sticker that minute and be as happy as can be. Some, girls especially, keeping their princess undies clean is all the reward or motivation they need! Find out what works for your child and motivate, motivate, motivate!

These have been the most helpful signs for me in my experience with potty training children. I plan on posting later this week my tips on my training process. Once these skills and signs are there, let the training begin. If the child resists. Its best to back off and try again another time. Its ok!! No child  I know went to college in a pull up. (Oh and Ill explain my dislike of pull ups in my next post too.)

Happy Training. Even fully ready, It will be messy. Good Luck!

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Almost Ready for School!

20130807-115847.jpgI was hoping to paint last weekend but we didn’t. Then this weekend but unfortunately we were sick! To feel I was getting something done I added our parent bulletin board and some of our posters. I also brought back in all the circle time school stuff with our first set of theme books, first day of school! Can’t wait! Ready for the school year!



Ocean Discovery Bottles

Ocean discovery bottles blog


  • Water Bottles (empty)
  • Shells and Sand
  • Foam Stickers
  • Blue Food Color


Have kids fill bottles with what shells, sand and underwater things they wish. Make sure to have all sorts of sizes shapes and textures for them to experiment with and discover. But remember they have to be small enough to fit in bottle opening. SO please watch children carefully with small pieces.

Add water and blue color to bottle. Once lid is secure (glue if needed) let kids decorate with foam stickers. We had awesome underwater ones from Michaels. They can shake and look at these cool bottles all week in our science center and take home on Friday.