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These are a great twist to a Thanksgiving Feast that isn’t just FUN but HEALTHY too!

We did our regular turkey and cheese on wheat bread. I cut them out with a circle cookie cutter. I used a apple slicer to cut up yellow, red or green apples. I used carrots for legs and raisins for eyes. I couldn’t resist adding the tiny trees!


  • sliced turkey
  • sliced cheese*
  • wheat bread
  • circle cookie cutter
  • apples (red, yellow, & green)*
  • raisins*
  • carrots*

*We try to use organic ingredients*

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Candy Corn Tootsies

These were super quick and easy!

Like any project, make sure you have all the supplies you need prior to sitting down with the kids.
This group is young so I did one at a time. Some I could hold the rest I did kneeling while they sat.
You’ll need

  • Orange, yellow and white paint
  • 3 brushes
  • A wet rag to wipe feet
  • Black paper

Paint the feet one color at a time. Use white on the heal, orange in the middle and yellow at the toes.


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What do I know about Potty Training?

When I originally decided that I wanted to write about potty training I kind of laughed at myself a little. So I can understand why some people might look at this and say how does she have any advice? She’s got one child trained and the other one still in diapers.

The truth of the matter is I have potty trained numerous children. I don’t have an exact number but I say at least 20, probably more!

Prior to becoming a mom, wife and business owner, I was a preschool teacher for many years. For one of those years I was the teacher of the two-year-old room. Many moms with children already in daycare know that one of the deciding factors whether or not your child goes to the three-year-old room is being potty trained.

I don’t recommend standing between a parent and their child’s chance to move to a more advanced classroom, so obviously everyone wanted their child ready! I quickly realized I needed to work with the parents of the children that were ready in order to have a cohesive and successful training environment.

During this time I created my own way of what works. Part of my technique is NOT having an exact way. Just some basic tips and signs that I try to follow and we have been very successful!

I wrote already about the signs and skills needed for potty training here.
I think this is where you should get started to see if you’re child is ready to begin the process.

Step one is making sure your child is ready! It’s not a good idea to start unless you child is really showing signs of readiness and eagerness to train. It’s vital they feel successful and confident while learning this new talent!

Once you decide they are “ready” it’s time to get dirty. Literally. 😳
Even the quickest & easiest trainers have accidents. So be prepared and be patient.

The good news is, if they truly are ready it will be over before you know it and you’ll be on your way to a diaper free house!

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Grandparent’s Day Project

Granchild's Hand cocosplayhouse.me

20130908-133707.jpgI was on a mission this year to find a project for grandparent’s day that even the youngest could do. Isn’t she precious? She did NOT like the hand painting so her’s we did fast! The boys LOVED it (of course) and they could have stamped handprints all over for days.

I found both projects on pinterest.

We also sang some cute Grandparent’s Day Songs.

I found them here at Kindergarten Nana‘s wordpress. What a neat little blog to stumbleupon!! It also has some great grandparent’s day activities!

Take a minute to make something special for the grandpa, nana or gigi in your life. They will love it. Ours did!!

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