Grandparent’s Day Project

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20130908-133707.jpgI was on a mission this year to find a project for grandparent’s day that even the youngest could do. Isn’t she precious? She did NOT like the hand painting so her’s we did fast! The boys LOVED it (of course) and they could have stamped handprints all over for days.

I found both projects on pinterest.

We also sang some cute Grandparent’s Day Songs.

I found them here at Kindergarten Nana‘s wordpress. What a neat little blog to stumbleupon!! It also has some great grandparent’s day activities!

Take a minute to make something special for the grandpa, nana or gigi in your life. They will love it. Ours did!!

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Father’s Day Gift


This was simple and easy. My favorite type of craft

It was all over Pinterest, so I am sure you have seen it. I saw it on a shirt too and it was super cute! Just make sure your words and hands are in the proper direction or it defeats the purpose.

Nailed it.

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Golf Week: Visors


This cheap pick from Michael’s is the perfect thing to decorate and make our own golf visors!
We had some left over from Carter’s Par-Tee so I was in luck. With some foam stickers we easily had 30 minutes occupied and they came out super cute. We made ours for our “Playhouse Tournament” but you easily put  I LOVE Daddy OR #1 Dad etc on it and you have a PARfect Father’s Day present.


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Bug Week: Ladybugs

It was ladybug day and I may have been more excited than the kids! 🙂
I have always really LOVED ladybugs. 
It’s kinda like God knew he should add a cute girly bug to make bugs a little tolerable. 😉
Ladybugs aside I was more excited for the food project. Ladybug CUPCAKES, SO Yummy!! 

Circle Time: The Very Lazy Ladybug 
By: Isobel Finn & Jack Tickle
Song: See the Ladybug
Jean Warren

(sung to “Frere Jacques”)

See the ladybug, see the ladybug. Watch it crawl, watch it crawl. See it crawling higher, See it crawling higher. Watch it crawl, up the wall.

See the ladybug, see the ladybug. Watch it crawl, watch it crawl. See it crawling lower,See it crawling lower.
Way down low, to my toe.
Art Project: Ladybug Prints
  • Potato
  • Red Paint
  • Black Paint
  • White Paper
I cut a potato in half and had the kids dip and stamp red paint onto white paper.

After the paint dried (& my mom delivered the black paint.) using their thumbs the kids dotted the ladybug’s spots. I added legs and accents once it was dry!

Special Treat: Ladybug Cupcakes

I had the kids help me make red velvet cupcake mix. I separated the eggs and water so each child could add to the bowl. They loved being able to help. We read the recipe on the box and counted the correct amount of eggs! 


You should have heard them when we started stirring and the brown batter turned BRIGHT RED!!

They were amaazzed! I cooked the batter as mini and regular sized cupcakes. I try not to give the kids too many sweets so the minis were for them to try.

I used red food coloring and added it to the frosting. (note we no longer use additive food dyes in our food projects)

ATTENTION: Don’t attempt this to make red frosting. It turns pink. Whoops.
I had to decide how to make these red like ladybugs on the “fly”.
LUCKILY, I had red sprinkles. We were are able to frost in pink icing & then have the kids dip in red sprinkles..Add chocolate chips for spots!

After I added accents to them to really bring to life!
I packed each child a plate to take home. I think they were a big HIT! 

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Bug Week: Moths

Lets talk about moths!

Circle Time: Which Moth Doesn’t Belong

This printable has 4 rows of moths, print on cardstock and cut out. Using three that were the same and one that is different, the kids took turns picking out the moth that didn’t belong.

Things to discuss: How can you tell the difference between moths and butterflies?

  • Butterflies have knobs on the ends of their antennae.
  • When at rest a butterfly’s wings remain together while moth’s wings are spread open.
  • Butterflies fly around in the daytime and most moths fly around at night.
  • Because most moths come out at night their bodies tend to be thicker and hairy to help them stay warm.

Song/Rhyme: One Little Moth

Jean Warren

One little moth came out tonight, out tonight, out tonight.

One little moth came out tonight and flew around the light, light, light.

Two little moths came out tonight, out tonight, out tonight.

Two little moths came out tonight and flew around the light, light, lights.

Song Activity:Hold up one finger and then two fingers, swirl fingers around like they are moths flying around a light.

Moth Match:

Using the moth cards I printed and ones on a full sheet. The kids matched up the different colored moths


Science/Discovery: Moth Book

The kids colored the 4 stages of a moth and I will help them make their own special science book!

Art Project: Textured Moth

My awesome mom, Elisa found these super neat Bug Cut outs! I had the kids cover it in feathers to give it a furry look and it just so happens to look a moth!

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Bug Week: FireFlies

“The Very Lonely Firefly” by Eric Carle

We didn’t have this story in our daycare library, so thanks to You Tube I was able to find a video version!! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQjhsslpAH0

At the end of the story we will make fireflies, using black construction paper, an unsharpened pencil with an eraser, & yellow paint.

The kids will dip eraser in yellow paint and tap it all over the black paper to make it look like fireflies flashing in the night. Simple, easy & they will love it.


Rhyme: Firefly’s Go Flash

Jean Warren

( Tune to: The Wheels on the Bus)

 The fireflies at night go flash, flash, flash

Flash, flash, flash…flash, flash, flash.

The fireflies at night go flash, flash, flash

off and on.

Song Activity: Kids can open and close their fingers like they are “flashing or blinking” or they can use flashlights turning them on and off.

Art Project: Firefly Puppet

Supplies Needed:

  • Firefly print out
  • large google eyes
  • markers, crayons or paint
  • craft sticks or paper towel rolls.

The children will color or paint the firefly printout. When completed we will add google eyes. Depending on child’s craft skill level you will cut the firefly out and help them paste it to a craft stick or a paper towel roll.

Learning Time: Sort The Insects: Insect or Not?

This printable has 9 insects and 9 animals. Print on cardstock paper. Have children take turns in deciding if print out is an insect or animal, sorting them in 2 piles. Insect? or NOT!?

This activity can be left as a center for the remainder of bug week.

Letter/Number: How Many Flashes Did You See?

With firefly puppets in hand, I will gather kids to play a game. Children can take turns rolling dice. The number rolled will be the number of flashes we can count. Child can flash the flashlight behind puppet lighting it up while we all count flashes.

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