Presidents Day Craft

If only my phone didn’t die while doing this project!
I was forced to take pics with my iPad so they’re blurry. My phone does a way better job but you can still see how ridiculously cute these came out.

What you’ll need
Mini Paper Plates {school age should use bigger}
Brown Paint
Black Construction Paper or Card Stock
Wooden Craft Sticks
Scissors (for you)
Glue or Tape

What you’ll do
Have the kids paint the paper plate brown. The middle doesn’t need it as you will cut that part out but let them paint the whole thing if they want, encouraging them to paint the edges.

20140217-142404.jpg Milan needed some major encouragement 😉

Once it has dried, cut out center of plate. I fold it and make a slit in center allowing me to get the scissors in to cut a circle. One center is removed depending on children’s age you can do this a few ways.

Precut hat for child. {this is what I did, the kids I have currently are 2 and under}

Trace and let them cut black hat

Let child trace and cut hat

Once hat is cut, glue or tape it to the top of brown plate. Add craft stick to opposite side for handle.


Happy Presidents Day!


Old School Turkey Handprints

Old School Turkey Handprints {CoCo's Playhouse} www.cocosplayhouse.me
These are a MUST.
Every child needs a handprint turkey, old school style! You know, before Pinterest made use get waayyy too creative!

Get your colors ready. I let the kids pick what color for each finger! 🙂 I paint and press!
Thumbprint for the neck. When it dries, you can add face & legs.


  • Plain or light colored Paper
  • Paint; brown, orange, red yellow, green.
  • Pen or Sharpie

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Golf Week: Visors


This cheap pick from Michael’s is the perfect thing to decorate and make our own golf visors!
We had some left over from Carter’s Par-Tee so I was in luck. With some foam stickers we easily had 30 minutes occupied and they came out super cute. We made ours for our “Playhouse Tournament” but you easily put  I LOVE Daddy OR #1 Dad etc on it and you have a PARfect Father’s Day present.


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