Shamrock Prints

20140319-120132.jpgWe just got back from Disney on Sunday night so I wasn’t the prepared CoCo I usually am for a FUN holiday like St. Patrick’s Day!
This was last minute but I LOVED how they came out.

Of course I always have empty paper towel tubes stored with our art supplies, Sometimes it pays to be craft hoarder!

What you need:

Green paint
Paper towel roll (cut into 3, 1-2 in circles)

What you’ll do:
Tape 3 circles together to look like a Shamrock.
Set out green paint on plate.
Have children stamp out green paint on paper using Shamrock Rolls.

The kids loved this! Have fun! 🙂


Presidents Day Craft

If only my phone didn’t die while doing this project!
I was forced to take pics with my iPad so they’re blurry. My phone does a way better job but you can still see how ridiculously cute these came out.

What you’ll need
Mini Paper Plates {school age should use bigger}
Brown Paint
Black Construction Paper or Card Stock
Wooden Craft Sticks
Scissors (for you)
Glue or Tape

What you’ll do
Have the kids paint the paper plate brown. The middle doesn’t need it as you will cut that part out but let them paint the whole thing if they want, encouraging them to paint the edges.

20140217-142404.jpg Milan needed some major encouragement 😉

Once it has dried, cut out center of plate. I fold it and make a slit in center allowing me to get the scissors in to cut a circle. One center is removed depending on children’s age you can do this a few ways.

Precut hat for child. {this is what I did, the kids I have currently are 2 and under}

Trace and let them cut black hat

Let child trace and cut hat

Once hat is cut, glue or tape it to the top of brown plate. Add craft stick to opposite side for handle.


Happy Presidents Day!


LOVE Trees

These came out adorable!

What you’ll need
Paint: Brown, Pink, Red
At least 2 paper towel or toilet paper rolls
{if you have multiple kids painting at once you will need more}
Plain Paper or card stock
Wash cloth
Paint brush

What you’ll do
For this part one on one is best, unless you’re dealing with older tots that can paint their own arm. Have the wet wash cloth handy, sit child comfortably so you can paint arm and hand. Place and print the painted arm on card stock paper. Wash the child’s arm.

Once the arm/hand print has dried, set the children up with red and pink paint with their paper roll heart stamps {learn how to make those here}
Let them stamp away!

I’m loving the LOVE Trees! ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day!


GroundHog Day Cupcakes {repost}

These tasty snacks are a fun treat for Groundhog Day.

{this is a repost found here, of course they go completely against all the healthy changes we have been making but we try to follow the 80/20 rule here! There is always a little room for cheat treat!}

  • Cupcake Mix ( && ingredients for mix)
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • M&M’s or other round candy
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Marshmallows


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2014: Continuing towards our healthy lifestyle!

We made some big changes here in the Ruffin household throughout 2013. Husband is still in shell shock but the kids were the easiest to win over! Happy CoCo Dance!

It hasn’t been easy and staying on budget is always a concern but we have really managed to head in a very healthy direction!

Proud to say there has been some major lifestyle changes that we have not only incorporated in our family but in the daycare as well.

A bonus of being a part of my daycare is each child reaps the benefits my own kids do. I pride myself in providing them a healthy, fun and safe day!

We choose organic companies and products, organic ingredients and lower processed foods.
Here are some of our great snack combos we offer!



Old School Turkey Handprints

Old School Turkey Handprints {CoCo's Playhouse} www.cocosplayhouse.me
These are a MUST.
Every child needs a handprint turkey, old school style! You know, before Pinterest made use get waayyy too creative!

Get your colors ready. I let the kids pick what color for each finger! 🙂 I paint and press!
Thumbprint for the neck. When it dries, you can add face & legs.


  • Plain or light colored Paper
  • Paint; brown, orange, red yellow, green.
  • Pen or Sharpie

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