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I’m a full-time wife, mommy & business owner.

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Hi! Im Corey “CoCo”, owner/operator of CoCo’s Playhouse: a family home daycare.

I like to believe I run the show around here but who really knows how true that is!? I have 3-6 kids in my care everyday. The exact number depends on who is enrolled and how the schedule is working during that time. I have about 18 years of childcare experience and an educational background in Early Childhood Development. I worked as a preschool teacher for over 5 years prior to becoming a full-time wife & mommy.

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I have an amazingly talented golf pro husband and 2 ridiculously cute little boys. Jax is hilarious and oh so smart!! He is 4 going on 14 and is the master negotiator. Mr Carter Cash is 1, he is chunky, smiley and full of energy. He joined our family May 2012 and has been making his presence known ever since!!  Adding the extra kids here as a daycare has ensured I get to witness them at home everyday<3

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It all started when I wanted to be a stay at home mom after the birth our first son, Jax. The idea was, I would bring my wisdom and knowledge of preschool life home and create a great learning environment for him. However, going to one income became a lot harder than we had planned and by the time our first was almost a year it looked like I would need to dust off that resume and get back into the preschool world.

Honestly, it wasn’t really an option I was willing to consider. I mean, I had no problem doing something to pitch in financially. But, I was not ok with sticking  my children in childcare to then be a childcare provider for OTHERS children, missing mine entirely.

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Like the saying goes; we plan and God laughs!

So, this business woman had to roll up her sleeves, put some dreams into action and CoCo’s Playhouse is the result! I could not be happier or prouder. Many often said they don’t know how I do it here. I could not have done it without the support from my awesome husband and our family!

 We sacrifice to make the finances work and we both put in grueling hours balancing it all, but it’s worth it to us, because these little years go too fast.

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We have been open since February 2010. We play, create and learn along the way!

Join us for ideas on crafts, activities & all things birth and beyond!

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