Earth Day Crafts & Activities

With Earth Day Monday we decided to dedicate all next week to Earth Day and learning about taking care of the planet. I looked forward to this because I had been pinning a few ideas since last year. Earth Day 2012, I was extremely pregnant, so we didn’t do much if I recall. Sooo…here are just some of the things I have planned!!

Earth Day Crafts & Activities

With the help from Pinterest I was able to find two great Earth Day resources. had this SUPER cute Earth Handprint Craft. So darling!!

earth handprint

The First Grade Parade. had SOO many cute ideas! Here are a quick list of my favorites. We will for sure do a few!!

  • Earth Day Promise
  • Handprint Earth Collage
  • Cause and Effect Flip Book
  • I Love My Earth Poem

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

  • Upcycle boxes for playroom.
  • Gather things for donation
  • Collect used containers for our mini garden
  • Recycle Bottle to Bubble Blowers!

Plant Mini Gardens

Using the containers we will collect throughout the week, we plant fruits, veggies and herbs to get us our first ever playhouse garden. We have planted a few things before, however they made it til the end due them being knocked over…the culprit is still at large. ;0)

Using the guide from this blog I can see what plants grow easiest in containers.

Found a resource for free seeds! Gotta love Free!!


We are excited to try some of these out. First I need to double check where those seeds are coming from. Believe it or not that is very important.With all this talk on GMO’s I will be researching where they come from to make sure they are NON GMO. If we are growing our own garden we don’t need to start off of the wrong foot!!

Looks like I have plenty of work for myself for the weekend!

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