Easter Egg Sort

We tried this 2 different ways. One as a fine motor activity and the other as a gross motor.

Easter Egg Sort blog 1

The fine motor sort require a little more set up but it was still cheap and easy!! I used a muffin tin and colored circles I cut out of construction paper that would fit in each tin. Matched up eggs to go with it and put them in a Easter Bucket. The kids used tongs to grab the egg and sort it in the correct colored tin. They really loved this. They wanted to keep doing it, so it kept us pretty busy. I am leaving this as a choice for center for the rest of the week.

Easter Egg Sort Blog

We have these caddys that I use for all sorts of things. They are blue, pink, blue, and green. I gathered the eggs that have been flying around here for a week now and asked the children to sort them in the buckets.  I took this opportunity to begin to discuss shades of colors. Since we have all sorts of egg colors and only 4 bucket colors we need to find a place for them all. The purple went in the blue and the orange in the red. Not exactly a perfect game but the kids enjoyed it.

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